Prime Minister Tony Abbott reassures Australians that Climate Change doesn’t matter


I’ve been humming Reg Livermore’s song all this morning ” I’m in the Dance Band on the Titanic”   Now why is that?  Oh, It’s ever since I learned of   Prime Minister Tony Abbott’ response to the IPCC’s report on Climate Change – Tony’s got no worries. ““Australia is a land of drought and flooding rains, always has been and always will be”.  

Is that not dandy?  And here were we stressing unnecessarily about yesterday’s The report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Those panic merchants say that climate change is already upon us, and will get worse. Especially here in Australia! Rubbish! (Excuse me while I yell to someone –  ”for god’s sake someone turn on the air-conditioning, it’s boiling hot here”)

Anyway – not to worry, because it’s the poor and disadvantaged in Australia, who will be hit most. (Not US – will we?)

And, another thought. There’s that enthusiastic push in Australia for the nuclear industry , including the claim that nuclear power will solve the climate change problem.  (That in itself is  a bit of a problem for them, with a government that doesn’t believe in climate change).

But no doubt Tony Abbott will change his mind about climate change, as soon as BHP and Rio tell him to.

Nuclear industry for Australia?  Sure, sez I,  why just stuff up our country partially with coal and gas, when we can stuff it up completely with nuclear.

However, nuclear will have zilch impact on climate change, for many reasons. but here’s  a couple:

  1. The time lapse until the 11,000 necessary nuclear plants are operating, will be many decades – by which time global warming will have run away with no hope of mitigation.
  2. The entire nuclear fuel cycle – uranium mining to reactor and waste burial – gives out heaps of carbon emissions. (The nuclear lobby just doesn’t count the dirty bits at the beginning and at the end.



Oh dear – in my patriotic delight that we in Australia are exempt from worrying about Climate and Nuclear, – I have left little space for those countries that are NOT Australia.

Well – the IPCC says that they are all going to cop Climate Change, too. (See youtube video)  And odd people like Barack Obama, David Cameron, Xi Jinping, and all the European leaders believe it.  Well, we in Oz never did trust foreigners, did we?

USA are going to spend over 1 $trillion making and minding their nuclear weapons until 2015

UK is paying private companies 7 billion pounds  to clean up old nuclear reactors.

Japan has a shocker of  a nuclear energy plan so full of dangers that it is a (bad)  April Fools Day joke.



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