Australia’s next Governor General a nuclear power enthusiast

Peter Cosgrove to be governor-general  DENNIS SHANAHAN THE AUSTRALIAN DECEMBER 26, 2013 GENERAL Peter Cosgrove is set to become the next governor-general of Australia, the formal announcement of the appointment of the popular former chief of the defence force expected late next month…..

General Cosgrove says if Australia is serious about tackling climate change it should move to embrace nuclear power. “If we want mass power generation capacity then we have got to trust ourselves to develop safe, clean nuclear energy.”

Cosgrove backs nuclear power

Lack of Australian nuclear plant almost immoral: Peter Cosgrove  “…..  it was “almost immoral” to export uranium to less technologically advanced and stable countries to use in nuclear power plants while refusing to have one in Australia………..We’re a rich and technologically advanced nation sitting in a geologically stable continent, so surely we can expect to build and operate safely a nuclear power station.”

The former Australian of the Year said he anticipated there would be an outcry but there was no cleaner energy source than nuclear power…..

Cosgrove wants nuclear answer to climate change Former Australian Defence Force chief Peter Cosgrove says Australia should adopt nuclear power as its response to climate change……Mr Abbott, however, says he agrees that nuclear power is the only realistic way to reduce carbon emissions while maintaining living standards.

One Response to “Australia’s next Governor General a nuclear power enthusiast”

  1. MargfromTassie Says:

    Yes, he is also a strong proponent of Australia being part of an Asia- Pacific Islands EU arrangement….. Which means of course, that Australia would become the Germany of the region, bailing out all the poor and dysfunctional economies. God, these conservatives are unreal ! Being a conservative in his views is why Cosgrove was appointed of course. Ah well, at least, it wasn’t Johnny Howard !

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