Potted nuclear and climate news for this week

a-cat-CANClimate Change has been the big news this week, as over 60,000 people of all ages gathered  to support government and public action for carbon pricing and renewable energy development. They want  full funding the business-friendly Australian Renewable Energy Agency, (ARENA) and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) 

Simultaneously and embarrassingly the Australian government made our country an international pariah, in terms of attitude to climate change.  As  Giles Parkinson put it –  ”It has taken just 7 days, but already the reputation of Australia as a constructive force in international climate policy has been completely trashed – both in terms of its domestic actions and in the wrecking ball tactics it has sent to Warsaw.Australia is now seen as an “anti-climate” nation that is actively working against any consensus at these talks, as its domestic policies are translated onto the international stage.”

Also simultaneously, The Global Carbon Project (Canberra)- released its annual report: –   The world will release more carbon dioxide through the burning of fossil fuels in 2013 than any other year in human history.

Today, journalist Ross Gittins made his own heartfelt apology to grandchildrenClimate change: Dear grandchildren, I can only say sorry

Uranium – worrying moves by the Queensland and Northern Territory Governmnets, as they encourage (a willing) Federal Government to hand over control of environmental approvals to the States, rather than the National government. (Imagine Campbell Newman in charge of such decisions!) More safety problems at Ranger uranium mine.


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