Nuclear lobby’s Aboriginal stooge, Warren Mundine, joins Tony Abbott’s campaign

Christina Macpheson, 10 August 13, Australia’s uranium-nuclear lobby must be ecstatic.   After all that Aboriginal opposition to their mines, and their nuclear waste dump plans, now their very own Aboriginal stooge has stepped in.  Warren Mundine, former National   President of the Labor Party, has well and truly jumped political party ship, to head a new Liberal party  indigenous advisory council .

Warren Mundine has an impressive pro nuclear record.   He has been promoting the nuclear industry , praising  nuclear energy,saying  that it is necessary for nuclear medicine. Most alarming of all, Mundine advocates the “full nuclear cycle”.  That means Australia not only having nuclear power, but taking in nuclear waste from overseas countries.

Mundine’s nuclear lobbying activities have been documented on this website several times.  He was appointed by Queensland Premier Newman  to the uranium implementation committee.  He is co-convener of the Australian Uranium Association’s Indigenous Dialogue Group,

There’ll be  a few Aboriginal people who will,not be happy with Mundine’s latest effort.  He’s been slammed in the past by  Noongar anti-nuclear activist, Marianne McKay of the West Australian Nuclear Free Alliance.

Warren Mundine is a Director of the Australian Uranium Association

Indigenous affairs: Tony Abbott says he and Warren Mundine are ‘kindred spirits’ Coalition leader wants to work in close partnership with Mundine, who would head a new indigenous advisory council under an Abbott government  in Sydney and agencies, Saturday 10 August 2013 

The Coalition leader said there was a need to convert all the good thinking from indigenous leaders such as Mundine, Noel Pearson and Alison Anderson into practical action on the ground.

“Warren and I are kindred spirits and I’m really excited at the changes that have taken place in thinking about these issues over the last decade or so,” he told ABC radio on Saturday morning.

Abbott said he wanted to work in close partnership with Mundine, who would head a new indigenous advisory council under a Coalition government, and said the arrangement could make the difference needed to improve indigenous lives……  Mundine, the executive chairman of the Australian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, is to spell out his vision at the Garma Festival in the Northern Territory on Saturday night. That will reportedly involve abolishing a range of indigenous governance bodies and excising townships from community-owned land to allow for private ownership of homes and businesses…..


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