Nuclear and energy news this week

Former Senator Jean Melzer died on 18 June.  She will be remembered for many achievements and her lifelong dedication to the causes of lifting conditions of underprivileged groups, and of protecting the environment. Jean Melzer was Victoria’s first woman Labor senator, and first woman elected as the Secretary of the Labor Caucus. She was Convenor of the Movement Against Uranium Mining. Her anti-nuclear stance resulted in 1980′s pro nuclear Labor Party ousting her. She then stood  as the lead Victorian senate candidate for the Nuclear Disarmament Party.  A celebration of Jean Melzer’s life will be held in Queens Hall, Parliament House, Victoria at 12.30 on Wednesday 3rd July.

Federal politics. What will Kevin Rudd do about climate change, energy etc?  What will Tony Abbott do?.   I recommend Glies Parkinson’s REneweconomy    of you want to learn about this. Indeed, I recommend Crikey –    Independent Australia   New Matilda   , even the Liberal leaning Online opinion     Why bother with the Murdoch, Fairfax  etc press and media? Even the ABC – they’re all happy doing personality politics – much more fun than policies and issues – and the media have been a large contributor to the mess that Australian politics is in today.

Carbon tax – A national poll finds that Only a third (37 per cent) of Australians believe that the Coalition should repeal carbon pricing if it is elected government at the next federal election. The full fact sheet is here 

Northern Territory. Popular Aboriginal singer  Warren H Williams is standing again for the Senate, and looking to be a strong contender for a winnable Senate seat – standing against ALP’s parachuted in political novice Nova Peris. Williams is uncompromisingly anti nuclear.

Wind Energy  Australia’s wind generation is cost effective, says International Energy Agency.  Despite an anti-wind energy scare campaign backed by wealthy anti wind front groups , the King Island  community has voted for a wind farm feasibility study.  However, many in the community remain apprehensive and confused following influx of “Waubra Foundation style anti wind campaigners.

“Ugly Australian” Paladin Energy uranium miner continues to slide in share price, as it tries to sell off its flagship Langer Heinrich operation in Namibia, to raise funds to pay off debts.

Retransfers of Australian obligated plutonium from Europe to Japan come into force, and at the same time, Japan takes in its first shipload o mixed uranium and plutonium  (MOX) from Europe – to add to its already huge and dangerous pile of plutonium.


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