In 2013 elections, Australian Nuclear Free Alliance will bring nuclear issues to the fore

Christina Macpherson, 5 Feb 13 Australian politicians be warned!  You’d better get clued up about uranium and nuclear issues.  Because you will be put on the spot.  These are not party political issues – they’re too important for that.  The Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (ANFA) will be talking to, and scrutinising, politicians of all persuasions.  And voters will want to know where  candidates stand , on these critical issues.

Yesterday I was privileged to attend Day 2 of the National Nuclear Free Strategy meeting, held in Melbourne by the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance. Quite an eye opener – to join  these informed, capable and dedicated campaigners from many organisations, who came together from the Northern Territory and 5 States –  all with the same goal – a nuclear free Australia.

I counted 19 different organisations represented, and in several cases, such as Friends of the Earth, and the Medical Association for the Prevention of War, several representatives and from different States.

Most of these organisations run on the proverbial shoe-string, yet have talented and competent members.  and have already achieved much success.

ANFA now takes up the challenge of awakening Australia’s politicians, media, and public to  critical matters for this election year:

  • The Muckaty court case – and The ongoing saga of the Aboriginal traditional owners’ rights to oppose nuclear waste dumping on their land.
  • The need to thoroughly review uranium mining, in the light of the continuing Fukushima radiation disaster, (not to mention the parlous state of the uranium industry), and to stop the development of uranium mining in New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia.

We will be hearing much more from ANFA, as the year progresses. And, we’ll be hearing, in each State, from the groups that make up ANFA – here are just a few:

  • Gundjiheimi Aboriginal Corporation
  • Western Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (strong Aboriginal presence)
  • Japanese for Peace
  • Environment Centre of Northern Territory
  • Medical Association for the Prevention of War
  • Australian Student Environment Network
  • Radio 3CR – Radioactive Show
  • Footprints for Peace
  • Australian Conservation Foundation
  • International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Beyond Nuclear Initiative
  • Uranium Free New South Wales
  • Conservation Council of Western Australia
  • Australian Manufacturing Workers Union
  • Electrical Trades Union
  • Protest Barrick (Canada)
  • Australian Greens – Senator Scott Ludlam
  • another distinguished guest – Professor Richard Broinowski

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