Civil Society organisations want a fair deal for Malawi from Australian uranium miner Paladin

Malawi told to renegotiate Paladin uranium deal  December 7, 2012   The African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD) Executive Director Collins Magalasi told journalists in the capital Lilongwe on Friday that the government of Malawi had made a bad choice of project given the absence of transparency and accountability in the deal.

“Government needs to look back at the contract and renegotiate for a better deal which can benefit the nation including the communities where the project takes place” he said. He therefore urged Malawi MPs and civil society organisations (CSOs) to take up the issue and bring pressure to bear on the government to return to the negotiating table.

A representative of the CSOs Moses Mkandawire said they are ready to take up the issue to government to renegotiate for a better deal with the Paladin Company.

“We would like Paladin to declare all what it has sold. The government should also declare all what it has received from the uranium project since it started” he said, adding that the company has paid little in terms of royalties to the state.

He said they had also performed poorly in the area of corporate social responsibility. As CSOs, he said, another deal should be made possible for the benefit of Malawians who are the real owners of the resources.


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