Australia’s mainstream media news – ho hum


Some elements of the mainstream media do try hard.

But this week, I’m amazed at the news that is NOT in the media – anywhere.

I agree that the anti USA protests around the world, and here in Sydney –  ARE news.

But –  the Duchess of Cambridge being photographed topless – what  a crime!   I don’t think so.

Of course, it IS footee final week in Australia –   we all know that this takes precedence over anything, local or international.

But WHY – no mention of the brave fight of Indian villagers against the Kudankulam and other nuclear power projects?  The repression of their protest by government-ordered violent police tactics?   The support of their protest from leading scholars?

Is it because Australia is to sell uranium to India?    Is it because we might offend the USA, who is desperate to flog off their nuclear technology to India?   Or is it just a case of our slack media?


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