Australian Senate quietly voting on nuclear waste dump, as media focuses on leadership issue

The National Radioactive Waste Management Bill is scheduled for debate in the Senate this Monday morning, 27 Feb  at 10am. This will definitely be lost to the media amidst the ALP leadership debacle, but we want to make sure it does not go completely unnoticed.

Please take a minute to sign this petition to Senators (link below) . We were initially aiming for 2000 signatures but the legislation has come up very quickly, so we need to get as many as we can before it is tabled. We are at 669 now so our original goal is possible if you can all help send this out through your networks

Two other quick actions you can do are:

1- Call or email the Senators of your state/territory and ask them to vote against the National Radioactive Waste Management Bill. All of the contacts are at Cabinet members are well aware of how contested Muckaty is but some of the other Senators may not understand the level of opposition to the plan. A call from a constituent (you!) will help put it on their radar. The main point is to ask them to not support the legislation, but you can also tell them the reasons why you are opposed to the plan.

2- This action is the really fun one…please take a photo of yourself holding a sign with ‘No nuclear waste dump at Muckaty’, ‘No Muckaty nuclear dump’, ‘Dont dump on Muckaty’, or any similar words, and email it to me. These are being uploaded as a slideshow onto the BNI website and updated as more and more are sent in. You can also add your location so we know where all of the campaign supporters are.

If you want to hear some more from Traditional Owners before you call the Senators, watch Muckaty Voices (you can find it on youtube), or listen to any of the audio of Muckaty mob speaking that is archived on the BNI

Here is a short film featuring Traditional Owners talking about the Senate vote


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