Australia way behind in renewable energy

Australia trying to match Germany’s green energy efforts, ECOINSTITUTION, by davidhoward, “……………Australia’s Stand on Carbon Pollution Australia’s stand on carbon dioxide emission has quite affected its relation with European nations promoting CO2 cut because of the country’s unwillingness to follow suit on European Union’s (EU) policies. And because of this, investment in renewable energy is being hampered in Australia as a result of the country’s attitude towards reform on adopting new policies towards lowering CO2 emissions.

 Australia is seen to be afraid of implementing change too soon that it might affect jobs and the country’s economic stability, despite the introduction of better paying green jobs.
Australia’s worries might not come without basis as countries that adopted green energy policies has seen job losses. However, Germany and other countries such as Spain, US, China, and Brazil were able to offset these losses through opening of new jobs from green energy industries. Germany for example has seen an 87% increase in job offerings from this new industry which translates to 300,500 jobs since 2004.
Australia On Green Energy JobsTo date, according to Australia‘s Clean Energy Council, the country has around 100,000 job offerings in the field of green energy. It is expected to double in the next 10 years. But this figure is still way behind the figures that Germany will have in the period as it aims to double its current green job offerings over the next ten years and triple it by 2030. These and other figures are some of the things that Germany wants to use to convince Australia to adapt to EU’s green energy platform and change its mentality towards the negative impact of adopting green energy into its economy.

Australia trying to match Germany’s green energy effortsGreen News and Ecological Awareness | Green News and Ecological Awareness

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