Federal govt ignores risks of uranium mining

Oil spill disaster continues – the toll rises

“…………………..the federal government has jettisoned its three mine uranium policy and is now considering a rush of exploration licence applications. In July, the Environment Minister gave the go ahead for Alliance Resources to move into production using the controversial acid corrosion method to extract uranium at the Four Mile mine in the northern Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

At the nearby Beverley mine there have been 59 reported spills of radioactive material in the past decade, including one involving 62,000 litres of contaminated water in 2002. There is no requirement placed on Alliance to ever clean up the radioactive plumes that will develop in ground water in the area as a result of the extraction method. Clearly the federal government is prepared to take big risks with the environment as it turns over resources for development to corporations on the hunt for fat profits.

To ensure its sovereignty Australia needs resource industries. It also needs manufacturing and agricultural industries but it cannot provide a liveable environment into the future without a more cautious approach and the strictest oversight of operations that threaten such disastrous consequences as have been witnessed off our northwest coast. ……

 CPA – The Guardian – #1433


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