Australia in nuclear talks in India

Coffee with BS: Peter Varghese The bloodless diplomat Business Standard Jyoti Malhotra / New Delhi October 27, 2009, “…………Australia’s Indian-origin high commissioner chooses to remain focused on “hard interests”……………….. Australian high commissioner Peter Varghese says he is preparing for the visit of his foreign minister Stephen Smith (in the run up to Diwali) and his Prime Minister Kevin Rudd next month……………. Varghese reported directly both to the previous Conservative Prime Minister John Howard as well as the current Labour Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Howard often sent him to India to gift-wrap Canberra’s assent on the Nuclear Suppliers Group which paved the way for the Indo-US nuclear deal. Rudd, who followed up Howard’s commitment on the NSG but went back on his promise to supply uranium to India, has sent him to serve in Delhi today.

Coffee with BS: Peter Varghese


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