Lack of govt support for solar

Australia ‘should lead in solar tech’ Sydney Morning Herald PETER VENESS AND CATHY ALEXANDER October 21, 2009 – Australia should take a leading role in developing solar energy technology as part of the fight against global warming, the International Energy Agency’s chief economist says.“We need a major (solar) program, a collective program,” the agency’s Fatih Birol told AAP. “Australia has a lot of experience. In solar, Australia can also play a role.”Speaking from Paris, Dr Birol said “solar energy has a very bright future”…………..

Australia’s solar industry has had a chequered history, with some researchers and manufacturers heading overseas over the past 15 years due to a perceived lack of federal government support.

An $8,000 rebate for rooftop solar panels was scrapped this year and replaced with a less generous one.

A rebate for remote-area renewable energy projects has also ended, and a program to give grants of up to $50,000 to schools for solar panels and other energy-smart initiatives has been temporarily closed.


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