Australia Greens Propose Amendments To Government Carbon Trade Plan

Australia Greens Propose Amendments To Government Carbon Trade Plan  Nasdaq 12 Oct 09 CANBERRA -(Dow Jones)- Australia’s minority environmentalist Greens party on Monday released proposed amendments to the center-left Labor government’s carbon trading plan they argue would make the scheme more environmentally effective.The Greens want the government to adopt a much tougher climate goal that, by 2020, would reduce Australia’s greenhouse-gas emissions by 25% on the level they were at in 1990, or by 40% if other nations agree to a similar global deal…………….

The Greens also want all carbon permits to be auctioned from the outset of the scheme – rather than providing free permits to heavy polluters in the early stages.

And, they don’t want any compensation for electricity generators, who contribute much of Australia’s carbon emissions due to a reliance on coal-fired generation for 80% of the country’s energy needs.

“These comprehensive amendments would turn a scheme that locks in failure into an effective and efficient scheme that would play a key role in addressing the climate crisis,” Greens Deputy Leader Christine Milne said in a statement.

The government plan – which would see Australia introduce a cap-and-trade scheme in July 2011 in a bid to curb the nation’s biggest polluters – was rejected by Australia’s upper house Senate in August.

Labor plans to reintroduce the climate bills in November, and has signaled it may be willing to negotiate with rival parties to push the scheme through ahead of the Copenhagen talks………………… The Greens also unveiled Monday a series of 12 climate bills based around renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean transport, forest protection, and steep emissions reduction targets that will form the basis of their own climate policy going forward..

Australia Greens Propose Amendments To Government Carbon Trade Plan


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