Kevin Rudd should promote renewable energy

Editorial: Reserve Bank eases the accelerator 

Adelaide Now 7 Oct 09 Dim prospects for sun power  GOING green and embracing alternative energy is one of the standards the Federal Government has been flagging furiously since its first day in office.

To the detriment of green-conscious Australians and the environment, one of Prime Minister Rudd’s key qualities – stultifying, complicated bureaucracy – is minimising the potential impact of rebates for household solar panels.

Simply put, the Government should be making it easier for people to embrace change. Instead, by using complicated formulas and ever-changing values for Renewable Energy Certificates, it is driving people away from the solar revolution.

Before Prime Minister Rudd flies to the Copenhagen conference to discuss grandiose schemes for global climate change, he should at least be able to show that his Government can act effectively on a small scale.This should be a straightforward issue, providing incentives to use solar power in one of the hottest, driest, sunniest nations on Earth.A single knowable, reliable and easily understood rebate would provide certainty and a shining light for Australia’s green energy credentials.

AdelaideNow… Editorial: Reserve Bank eases the accelerator


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