Switkowski pushes for nukes

Upping the ante on nuke power
Business Spectator, by Keith Orchsison 22 Sept 09
 One of the great quotes from Ziggy Switkowski is that it is never hard to figure out where things are moving; it’s just hard to figure out the timing.Switkowski, chairman of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation and the head of John Howard’s review of nuclear energy earlier this decade, is quietly increasing his forecast of how many uranium-fuelled power stations will be operating in this country by the middle of the century.
His initial number – recommended by the review task force – was for 25 nuclear plants in Australia by 2050, with a recommendation that the first be up and running within a decade.

Now he has increased that proposal to 50 power stations, supplying 90 per cent of Australia’s electricity needs by mid-century……………….

Italy, he pointed out to the forum, was a country where the population had been fiercely opposed to adopting nuclear power – and now it was moving to build five atomic power stations. Australia was now the only economy among the world’s 25 biggest not embracing the domestic use of nuclear energy.

Business Spectator – Upping the ante on nuke power – Blog – Keith Orchsison


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