Wind power for Victoria

A glimpse of the future for Victoria’s hilltops
The Age Adam MortonAugust 1, 2009SOME will tilt at them, but it would seem a pointless exercise: a surge in windmill construction is set to recast the Victorian landscape.Two needs — offsetting the state’s electricity-hungry new desalination plant and meeting an incoming national renewable energy target — are to trigger a huge expansion of wind power across the state……………………

The Liberal Party supports the central point of the bill, which is to force electricity retailers to buy a fifth of their energy from clean sources by 2020. Energy analysts say unless it is changed the overwhelming majority — more than 90 per cent — of this investment in the short term will be in wind, easily the cheapest form of renewable energy.

Much of this will be in Victoria. The state has eight wind farms with 266 turbines. To date this accounted for less than 2 per cent of Victoria’s energy generation.

Compare this with what is proposed: 20 farms with 850 turbines have been approved and are waiting to finalise finance and manufacturing deals so they can be built.

Another 27, with more than 1000 turbines, are at proposal or planning approval stage.”If you look at a wind map of Australia, alongside Tasmania and South Australia, Victoria is the most attractive wind-yielding state,” Mr Dimery says.

According to Environment Victoria, the proposed wind farms could be enough to replace one of the state’s brown coal-fired electricity generators.

A glimpse of the future for Victoria’s hilltops



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